Eagle Leagues is a youth sports program for children ages 8 to 18 that will begin in spring 2018.  We will offer low cost life-long sports that children will love and be able to play into their adult lives.   Eagle Leagues will be open to children of all schools, families and faiths.  

Children ages 8 to 11 will practice once a week and play a game on Saturdays, with the opportunity to play two to three sports per season.  Children will be placed on teams with one head and one assistant volunteer coach.  Practices are one hour and 15 minutes in length and will begin and end with prayer. The first hour will focus on keeping children active in a fun and positive environment of learning, and the last 15 minutes will be dedicated to life lesson discussion questions.  The life lessons will be Respect, Effort, Joy, Love, Integrity, Courage/Confidence, Perseverance, Empathy, Excellence/Humility, and Service.  After each game, players, parents and coaches will meet together for post-game snack and celebration of the competition.  The final week of the season will be a skills showcase followed by all-inclusive All-Star Games, dividing teams up by talent level.  One Saturday during the season will be dedicated to community service as teams will go out and serve the community.

For children ages 12 to 18 there will be a Middle and High School leagues where games will be played one weekday evening a week.  Most teams will be signing up as a church youth group, playing the game for 45 minutes and then have a 45 minute sunset Bible Study. 

Ages 8 to 11: Basketball and Tennis

Ages 10-11: Ultimate Frisbee

Ages 12 to 18: Ultimate Frisbee

Ages 8 to 11: Soccer and Tennis

Ages 12 to 18: Kickball

The schedule was created to ensure we are offering low cost sports that children will learn to love and be able to continue to play into their adult lives. 
Participants will be encouraged to become a better teammate to strengthen their team, and be be aware of when their teammates need their help so they can have their back.   Participants will also be taught to respect every opponent because everyone is on the same team as a community.
Participants will have the freedom to have fun and enjoy the sport.  Coaches will teach participants that every mistake is a chance to get better, and to focus on the 3 F's in failure: Flush, Fix and Focus.
Every participant will get equal playing time over the course of the season by the structured substitution sheet coaches will use each week.  Participants will be taught to value honesty and play by the rules.  Eagle Leagues will be developing a Scholarship Fund to bring in youth from low income communities to provide a positive sport experience for them at no cost.  All participants will be taught the importance of diversity and to treat each and every participant equally.
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