What Makes AACS Unique?

Here are some distinct qualities that make Annapolis Area Christian School the school of choice for our families and students.

Distinctive #1 - AACS is a Christian school, teaching from a Biblical worldview perspective.

We all have a lens through which we view and understand the world. History, science, the arts, and every subject and every curriculum has a viewpoint. If a Christian viewpoint is not present, the only other option is a non-Christian viewpoint. There is no such thing as a “neutral viewpoint.” We teach from a Biblical worldview; God is real, the Bible is true, and biblical principles and values are integrated into our academics, athletics, arts, activities, and attitudes.

Distinctive #2 - AACS is unique in size and what is offered.

Living within commuting distance to AACS provides you with a school choice that is extremely unique and uncommon. There are approximately 4,500 non-denominational Christian schools in the United States. AACS is larger than 97% of these schools. AACS is also the largest non-denominational Christian school in Maryland.

Why is this important? Our larger size enables us to offer a Christian education AND a comprehensive academic program, a competitive athletic program, and outstanding fine arts in the areas of theater, choir, band, and visual arts. We also have a wide range of clubs and activities, and plenty of friends to choose from.

Distinctive #3 - AACS is non-denominational.

Most Christian schools are affiliated with a single church or denomination. AACS is not. We teach a reformed Christian theology, and open our arms to all Christian faiths. Our families come from over 175 different local Christian churches. We believe this offers a more diverse community and more engaging conversations about what it means to live a Christian life in our world today.

Distinctive #4 - We are a covenantal Christian school.

Annapolis Area Christian School is a covenantal school. Accordingly, AACS only admits families who evidence a heart inclination toward God's Word, biblical values, and the joy of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is a unique aspect that greatly impacts the school culture and that AACS families and students truly value. A partnership of covenant is formed with AACS families so that a consistent message can be modeled and taught to the child in the home, church, and school.

Distinctive #5 - AACS is a diverse community with shared values.

School environment greatly affects a child’s educational experience. We are a diverse community - diverse in ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, experiences, backgrounds, and more. We are unique in this diversity because biblical values serve as a unifying foundation. God delights in our diversity. We are uniquely and wonderfully made. However it is not just our differences that define who we are. Those who belong to the Lord Jesus should first define themselves as God's children and this is emphasized daily at AACS. We set aside a focus on differences in favor of unity in spirit.

Distinctive #6 - AACS has an excellent academic program.

We provide our students with an excellent academic program from Pre-K through 12th grade. 98% of our graduates go on to college and our SAT scores are consistently above county, state, and national averages. Yet we believe that an “excellent” academic program is even more than this. It means effectively meeting the needs of our students and teaching and modeling “doing your very best.” Whether our students need some extra help, or are ready for more challenge, our academic program meets their needs. This is an important mark of an “excellent” academic program.

Distinctive #7 - AACS is dedicated to service.

We teach and model the importance of service. It’s part of who we are, and 100% of our students participate in community service projects. We partner with local non-profits such as Bello Machre and The Lighthouse Shelter, as well as worldwide non-profits such as World Vision and Operation Christmas Child. Honoring Jesus Christ and making the world a better place for His purpose is an integral part of the AACS culture.

Distinctive #8 – AACS has a competitive athletic program focused on winning with character.

Our student athletes learn the ideals of sportsmanship, lessons of character, emotional endurance and resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. We offer over 40 athletic teams and 70% of our Middle and Upper School students participate in sports. An outstanding coaching staff, one that cares deeply about our players’ growth physically, intellectually, and spiritually, fuels the success of our program. We strive to win with character!

Distinctive #9 - Our performing and visual arts programs are second to none.

Our musical, theatre, and visual arts programs are designed to nurture student-artists from kindergarten to graduation and beyond. We believe that students should use their artistic gifts to serve others and offer multiple opportunities for them to do so. Our art is displayed, our bands and choirs travel around the country and globe to perform, and our stage is always alive with performances.

Distinctive #10 - Our seniors complete a Capstone Project called Senior Practicum.

Seniors have the opportunity to put their interests, knowledge, dreams, and talents together solve a problem from a biblical worldview.

AACS seniors are challenged to solve a problem from a biblical worldview. They have the opportunity to put their interests, knowledge, dreams, and talents together in this self-chosen project. Dedicated senior mentors from the faculty guide the seniors throughout the process, and the entire faculty and staff offer support and insight based on their own expertise and/or interests. It culminates in a Capstone Project that includes a research paper and an oral presentation to a Board at the end of the senior year (in lieu of final exams).
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