AACS Admissions Overview

Thank you for your interest in Annapolis Area Christian School. AACS has been serving Maryland families for over 45 years, providing an excellent, distinctively Christian education from PreK through 12th grade. AACS is a multi-campus school with four locations in Anne Arundel County.
Christian School admission policies fall into two broad categories: 1) open-enrollment schools (sometimes called evangelistic schools), meaning there is no specific faith or belief requirement for parents who want to have their child attend the school; they must only agree to their child being instructed according to the stated mission and beliefs of the school, and 2) covenantal schools, meaning that at least one parent desiring to enroll a student in the school must give evidence of their Christian beliefs.
Admissions Policy
Annapolis Area Christian School is a covenantal school. It is the philosophy of AACS that we exist to partner with Christian families specifically seeking to provide their children with an excellent education from a biblical worldview. As a school founded on Christian principals we believe Christ is central to the educational experience. This is a unique aspect of our school that greatly impacts our school culture and that our families and students truly value.Our admission policies are designed to help parents and the school ensure that an effective partnership or covenant is formed so that a consistent message can be modeled and taught to the child in the home, church, and school.
Non-Denominational Statement
AACS is not associated with a specific local church. In fact our families come from over 150 local Christian churches. However, this does not mean that we are generic in our biblical position and teachings. It is important to know that AACS is an evangelical, protestant Christian school. We hold to the inerrancy of the Bible. Families applying for admission to the school must read, understand, and be willing to support the school's Statement of Faith (Articles of Faith). Applications for admissions are all online. The date your application is fully complete, with all required documentation and a non-refundable application fee paid, is ONE of the factors that goes into the final admissions decision.  We encourage early applications.

Application Deadlines
  1.  December 12, 2016 is our Early Decision Deadline. If you will be applying for financial assistance, and meet our early decision deadline, you may use 2015 tax information on your financial assistance application.
  2. January 31, 2017 is our Standard Application Deadline.
  3. February 1, 2017 begins our open enrollment admissions. During this timeframe, all completed and accepted applications are reviewed and considered at the end of each month. Acceptances are sent out to fill any remaining seats.  At this time we still have some openings in most grade levels for the 2017-18 school year.  We monitor this weekly and seats are filling fast as families finish up the application process.
Completed Applications

For the application to be considered fully complete, you will need the following documentation:
  • Completed online application including application fee. Applications are not processed until the $100 application fee is paid (except for alumni children).  This fee is non-refundable.
  • Proof of age for Kindergarten students (copy/photocopy of birth certificate is required)
  • Christian Life Recommendation Form This form should be completed by your pastor, a member of your church's pastoral staff or ministry leader, Bible study leader, or by someone who has been a Christian / spiritual life mentor or leader in your life (excluding relatives). It can be filled out online or printed and mailed in.
  • Student's transcript/record of achievement (at least two years of information: report cards, standardized test results and other professional records, such as testing, counseling, special education (i.e. Individual Education Plan, etc.)). Kindergarten students are exempt.
  • Teacher Recommendation Forms - We will need two teacher recommendations. These can be sent and filled out online by the teachers of your choice. 
The Admission Office will call you to schedule the following:
  • Parent Interview with member of the Admission Committee
  • Student Interview for students (grades 6 - 12)
  • Admission Testing MAY be required. Talk to your admissions representative to find out what standardized tests we accept in place of our own test. Note that we do accept the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam).
Waiting Pool

If your son or daughter is placed in our Waiting Pool, we will stay in close contact. We review all applications and available seats regularly and will call and email when and if a seat becomes open.


Enrollment information is sent shortly after acceptance letters. Students are considered to be fully enrolled once completed enrollment packets and tuition deposits are received.  This includes:
  • Online enrollment packet is filled out and signed.
  • A non-refundable enrollment fee of $400 and non-refundable tuition deposit of $600 are paid online.  The tuition deposit goes towards your 2017-18 tuition.
  • Online FACTS registration is set up for chosen payment plan.
Health forms are also required during enrollment:
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