The kindergarten year is a year of DISCOVERY! Our children develop their natural curiosity as they investigate God’s world. They begin to lay the foundation for learning as they develop math, reading, and science skills. In a secure, Christ-centered environment, they observe their teachers living out a vibrant relationship with their Creator. Children explore the fun-filled centers room on a regular basis.  
AACS Kindergarten students begin to learn to read and develop a love of reading by exploring various types of literature in a phonics-based program. Through a variety of field trips and special activities, students have opportunities to explore our region. Computers, chapel, hands on art, music, and personal expression prepare them to be 1st graders who are prepared to learn!
Kindergarteners are beginning a journey which we have every hope will lead to a lifelong love of learning. We begin to equip them with the skills they will need to experience satisfaction and success on whatever path God has for them.
At AACS we offer a full day program for kindergarten. Our program provides the essential instruction necessary for first grade success. This whole day program includes Physical Education, Music, and Art along with excellent opportunities for extended learning.

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